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Web Development Services

Creating a website or software is not easy and requires expertise of various professionals like designers, developers,and testers. Therefore most are looking to develop any website or app and are seeking help from web development agencies.

Web development agencies are known to provide various digital IT services. They? are not bound to just building websites, they are also specialized in other services like testing, maintenance, support, design and development. It’s always advisable to hire a web development company that knows the entire process from building the website to maintaining it, especially if you are a Non IT professional.

Some of the reputed software development services include:

  • Open-source Software Development:

This is a most basic service provided by the website development companies where the source code of the software is free and available to everyone. We all are free to edit, learn and improve the products anytime. These products are available with an open source license and source code, so we can make changes in it and learn how we can make some impact positively.? Some of the renowned open-source web products include Android, Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice and the VLC media player.

  • Custom Website Development:

Customer web development takes time and may be a bit costly, providing the fact it provides the tailored service to include features and working according to your business needs. First step is to determine the needs of business no matter if it’s a mid, small or large scale business.

The web development agency is responsible to assign a dedicated team with expertise on the cutting edge latest technologies to customize the website according to your requirements.

  • JavaScript Development:

This service includes the development of java based solutions that are highly scalable, robust , innovative, useful, and match the requirements of clients.

Usually javascript professionals are expected to have hand-on experience on? Web development, javascript mobile developments,and cross platform application.

  • WordPress Development:

WordPress development includes technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, REST API, etc. A highly skilled team of wordpress developers can create amazing dynamic websites for clients with custom themes and using the latest version of wordpress.

  • CMS Development:

With the advancement of technology and the importance of qualified content, it’s essential to share content regularly. But sometimes it becomes confusing and hectic managing a large amount of content.? To improve the performance and ensure swift navigation of website content, a Content Management System becomes a crucial element. It facilitates the user interaction and manages your website content effectively.


  • E-commerce Development

For any business to succeed in this technical world having an e-commerce based portal is the first necessity. Ecommerce portals can be of either B2B(business to business)or B2C(Business to customer) in nature. E-commerce portal relies on various types of other services like shopping cart softwares and several payment gateways to perform the tasks related to its domain.

To build an outstanding Ecommerce platform you require the guidance of professionals with in- depth knowledge experience in the Ecommerce industry.

  • Mobile Development

With the number of Mobile users increasing everyday it’s primitive for your business to have a mobile based website or application. Mobile applications are created for all kinds of platforms and operating systems. Some of the widely recognised mobile operating systems are iOS, Android, and windows. Todar you can find web application related to almost every industry like games, utility, food ordering, bookings, etc?

  • Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is equal to developing a website, and it’s no brainer that every website requires regular updates and maintenance.

Some of the goals of this service includes, indexing and crawling of web pages in search engines, resigning the UX or UI, upgrading the functionality according to the client’s requirements.

Factors to look before choosing a software services provider:

Now that? you are aware of several services a web development company can deliver to your business. But choosing a right development partner like Codeinit is equally important. Here’s a list of factors you should take into account before assigning someone your development partner to whom you can trust.

  • Does the company have suitable experience as per your project requirements? You must do your research before and Check the portfolio page of the company, ask them to provide some references from previous or current clients.
  • Reading reviews about companies on various platforms like Glassdoor, manifest, and clutch.co. Moreover, you can also check their work on platform like behance and dribble
  • Look out of the agency you are looking for to have any awards or recognition work? You ought to make sure the company you are about to deal with must have the required skills, knowledge, and experience to fulfil your requirements.
  • The other factor to look out for is the technology area company deals in. Lets say, if you want to make a telemedicine website you must look for agency expertise in that field not in blockchain technology.
  • Choose a company that has perfect team size according to your project requirements. What is the company’s team size? Choosing a company that is too small may put your project in risk of not getting proper support, whereas if you choose a big agency with a huge man force, they might won’t give that much attention to your project.


We hope this guide helps you to understand the various services provided by web development agencies, and also the suggestions to pick the best agency for your project. Codeinit is a highly experienced and professional web agency. With expertise ranging from web application development and web designing to mobile application development and digital marketing.

It offers fully-featured web services like E-Commerce Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation etc.
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