Mixers CMX-3204
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    Mixers CMX-3204



Frequency Response :20Hz To 20KHz, 0dB+1/-3dB(1KHz Ref)
T.H.D.:Less Than 0.1% 20Hz To 20KHz
Residual Noise: Less Than -74dB
Residual Output Noise: Master Less Than -78dB
                       Groupm Less Than -78dB
                       Aux Less Than -72dB
                       Pan Less Than -65dB
Cross Talk: Less Than -65dB At 1kHz Adjacent Input Channels Channel Switch Off Faders Off
Equalization :HF 12KHz Fixed Shelving Type 15dB LF 80Hz Fixed Shelving Type 15dB
Residual Output Level: +20dB(Group out/Master Out Balanced)

32 Channels Eight-Buss Mixer
32 Channels Eight-Buss Mixer

Tag: 32 Channels Eight-Buss Mixer