Mixers M 104DE
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    Mixers M 104DE


Two-bus series console mixers are suited for live perform,band,minitype hall,meeting-room,school,church,
recording studio,digial/dummy tracks recording(4-
track& 8-track),minitype studio,recording studio of homestyle, prophase recording and anaphase video facture and so on.

2-bus,returning signal general generatrix,2 AUX High-precision & long-life hand spke POT, attenuator Mono-channel input a rejection switch for suiting for different input level
High-quality 48V phantasm power
Stereo 9-band graphic equalizer, with a swich
of before-equalization&a fter-equalization 2 groups input stereo
Interna professional digital effect processor 3-band equalizer, middle frequency
High-precision& dual color LED to indicate the output level
Recording output,earphone monitor
Super power amplifer Sereis

10 Channels Stereo Mixer
10 Channels Stereo Mixer

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